"Finally, Discover How YOU Can
Build Your Own Computer"

"With the Beginners' Computer Tutorial You'll Have
Fun And Satisfaction Learning How To Quickly
Build Your Own Computer With The
Step-By-Step Method In Layman's Terms"

Dear Future Computer Guru,

Have you ever pondered "I'd like to upgrade or build my own computer," but are frustrated by the lack of great resources to help get you started?

And perhaps you're looking for THE step-by-step guide in plain English to help you select compatible computer parts and put them together correctly. All with the aid of video clips, full screen photographs, and free support to help when you're confused!

If that sounds like you, then look no further! All of this is available in a breathtaking new e-book titled...

The Beginners' Computer Tutorial

The up-to-date "Beginners' Computer Tutorial" cuts out all the extra fluff common to most computer hardware sites. It's the perfect blend of instructions and tips designed to get you started building easily and quickly.

This indispensable e-book contains everything you need to start building your first computer.


"Having spent time reading and studying your new e-book, I am of the opinion that this is the best compilation of explicit instructions that I have ever come across.

A child could build a computer with these directions, and 'dummies' should have no problems at all. All sections are printable and so making it even easier to have the instructions in front of you so that you can follow stage by stage. Even the pictures are detailed and easy to see for each step.

Each section is carefully put together so that no mistakes can happen. Should they [as sometimes we all make mistakes] then the backup from you will be an excellent topping to a most delightful and easy to read book.

I am now looking forward to making my first build over the winter. Personally I am looking to build a high end super fast computer, following your directions I should be up and running with this in record time.

I especially appreciate your section on how and where to buy the parts.

Most excellent all the way through and I recommend this as a MUST for every computer owner, whether they want to build or just to understand their own machines."


Dr. David Holson

Stop imagining how to upgrade or build a computer; you could literally be working on a PC today!

"NEW Video & Audio Demonstration
Shows Off ALL The Bells & Whistles"

If you're short on time or better understand things through audio and video, here's a demonstration I put together just for you.

Clicking the screen to the left will launch video and audio I recorded of my computer screen, showing you the various aspects of my e-book and talking about its many features.

With this demonstration, it's as if I'm displaying the e-book right on your computer and talking with you about it in the comfort of your own home.

You don't want to miss it!

"Step By Step Method In Layman's
Terms Simplifies The Process"

Nothing is worse than trying to build your own computer without a handy resource you can understand.

This e-book was written for the beginner in mind, not a current computer guru. Inside you'll find step by step instructions in layman's terms, so easy to understand that you'll spend less time trying to interpret confusing terms and more time actually building your first PC.

"I read the whole book just to make sure I would have no confusion. I am pleased to say that I understood everything. You really got straight to the point using no technical jargons that the average person would get lost and confused by. I also watched some of the videos, they were very clear and to the point.

As soon as things slow down I will begin to purchase some tools and the supplies needed to build my first computer. I must say I feel like a little kid again because I can't wait!!!"

Cecil S. from Florida

"It is easy enough to follow. I bought it to understand a little bit more about computers and of how they are put together. The tutorial is easy to follow and I recommend it to anyone."

Ian Hanks, UK

"Very easy to follow. Highly recommended to even the newest of novices."

Ray Maybury, Australia

In addition, an exclusive glossary of definitions is provided for all the parts and software you may not know. By understanding the basic parts and steps, you'll be less likely to break anything and avoid embarrassment returning broken parts to the store.

In order to present the e-book in this easy to use fashion, it makes use of the "tabbed" format and a navigation menu, as seen below (click to enlarge).

So, you'll save time finding the information you need more quickly and easily.

You can also search through the "Beginners' Computer Tutorial" using the unique built-in search feature, finding exactly what you want and saving you ever more time.

"You WILL Learn How to Select EVERY Part
And How To Put Them Together"

Too many beginners buy a handful of parts and hope they all go together. That's certainly not getting off on the right foot. Selecting the right parts is just as important as putting them all together.

That's why this e-book is broken down into two key sections to better organize your PC building efforts.

Preparation - What does it take to build a computer? No stone is left unturned in this section! I'll take you by the hand and show you how to select each part required to build your PC. I use real parts as an example and teach you how to select the correct part every time.

You'll discover how this method allows you to select all of your computer parts to ensure compatibility. The truth is, most people get this wrong, but not you!

This will ensure you'll have the most modern parts that will work together. By having the correct parts you'll eliminate most mistakes made by beginners and avoid returning the wrong parts. No extra driving, shipping, or inconvenience.

In addition, you'll learn where the advanced computer builders buy all of their parts (it's not where you think). These places will save you money, time, and headaches so you can start building sooner.

Building - Finally, you will learn how to install every part of your PC. It even includes these essential steps that most computer tutorials ignore:

  • How to properly configure your BIOS / CMOS

  • Detailed Operating System installation instructions and screenshots

  • What needs to be done the first time you boot your computer

  • How to make the case LED and switch connections to the motherboard

  • Proper configuration of the jumpers on all drives and the motherboard

  • How to format a hard drive and set up multiple hard drives

The building section forms the bulk of the "Beginners' Computer Tutorial." All of the steps are provided so you don't need any other resource. Everything is consistent, to the point, and in layman's terms.

"I did build a computer using the ebook--I'm sending this from it now--Pentium IV, 1 GB of memory, 2 hard drives (180 GB and 80 GB), DVD Burner, separate DVD rom, floppy drive,--and I love it! Legal copy of Windows XP Home Edition.

The tutorial was worth the money--I did have a little E-mail help from a friend--but no one except me ever laid a hand on building it. Up, running, and on line in a very few hours."

Juan Hackney, US

But the building instructions are not just provided in text...

"Vivid Details In 3 Unique Formats"

You probably learn things differently than someone else building their first computer. That's why I provide you with multiple methods, offered by no one else, to learn the material. So, what does this mean to you?

You will have a detailed roadmap to building your first computer. This is the only resource you need to put your PC together.

The vivid details provided by the text, photographs, and videos make it near impossible to mess up any step of the process

This makes it easier to build your first computer than you've ever imagined! You'll spend your time actually building rather than wasting it looking up instructions. You'll also avoid returning parts you broke trying to improperly install them.

"The Tutorial is excellent! What an achievement on your part. Everything is so well-organized and easy to follow. The videos and photos are very clear. I learned alot just reading through the material and know that I could build a computer with the help of the Tutorial.

I'm grateful to have learned about the 7-in-1 floppy drive. I'll definitely look into that at some point.

You've obviously put a tremendous amount of thought and effort into the creating of this Tutorial. It most certainly is worth the money. Thanks so much!"

Jane Ruppee, US

"The material in the E-book was great.

I would say that I use your book more as a reference guide as I'm somewhat experienced in upgrading computers. And yes, well worth the money. I liked the step by step proceedures and photos of the building process.

If you want to thumb your nose at the computer manufactures and save some money, make a small investment with this e-book. It's your most important component when building your own system for the first time."

Dan Hunt, US

"Just Print And Go"

Not only does the "Beginners' Computer Tutorial" provide you with an unparalleled resource virtually at your fingertips, but it has something else, too.

Every page of the e-book is printable, but you are also provided with specially formatted printable pages of the building instructions.


These were designed to not only save ink and paper, but save you time. You won't need to run back and forth looking up instructions on another computer while building. You'll be less likely to damage a part or mess up a step!

"Forget Any Special Training"

Most computer manufacturers would lead you to believe that you need special training to build a computer. But let's not forget they are in business because they've created an "illusion" that you need to buy their factory built PC.

In addition, other people who provide computer tutorials similar to this one reference advanced training or degrees they've acquired. But how does that help you build a computer?

So, then what qualifies me to teach you how to build a PC? The truth is, I don't have any special training in building computers or electronics for that matter, but my guess is you don't either!

I'm just your "average Joe." There is nothing special that separates me from you; I'm just like you! If I can put together a PC, then it is certainly within your abilities. We speak the same vocabulary so you'll more easily understand the steps I provide, rather than getting confused from the techie talk you'll read everywhere else!

"Save Time With FREE Email Support
And UNLIMITED Updates"

It's inevitable that you'll have some questions when building your first computer; I'd be lying if I told you otherwise.

But you'll have an edge because of the help you'll have at your fingertips during those difficult moments. These resources include...

  • Exclusive access to my constantly updated FAQs. Within each step of the "Beginners' Computer Tutorial", you'll have access to a unique FAQ section, filled with previous questions and answers by beginners just like you. These are updated almost everyday, giving you the cutting edge advantage.

  • UNLIMITED email support from me within the FAQ sections. Quit wasting time searching for the answers and just email your questions to me. If I don't know the answer, I'll look it up and get back to you within 1 to 2 days. I could charge over $50 per hour for computer consultation, but I'm providing this service to you absolutely free for an unlimited amount of time.

  • In addition, because technology changes, so should the instructions to building a computer. With your purchase you'll receive unlimited updates to the e-book. You'll be notified via the exclusive purchasers only email list where you can download the latest copy. Also, each updated portion will be highlighted, showing you exactly what parts were improved.

All of these updates and support save you time and money; money that would have otherwise been paid for support can be used to buy new parts for you!

You're not only purchasing a great e-book, but you're getting access to my brain at your complete disposal! You owe it to yourself to take full advantage of this one-on-one support offer before it's gone.

Please note, the lifetime support will only be extended to a limited number of purchasers because I don't want to stretch myself too thin helping too many people.

"I was very pleased with the ebook and yes I did build my computer and a few more since then. Thanks to you and your help.

Well, since the purchase of your ebook, I have built 2 computers and upgraded 2 computers. Without the tutorial I would not have had any idea on what to do. What I like most about it, is that it has photo illustrations for every step that is taken. The photos are clear and very helpful.

Your ebook has now become my computer bible.

Thanks so much, it was worth every penny.

This is an inexpensive Computer builders tutorial for Dummies. Because of it I have been able to build 2 powerhouse computers from scratch."

Debra Austin, US

"Show Off Your New Skills To
Your Friends & Family"

Building something you can actually use, such as a computer, brings a great sense of pride. But doesn't it feel even better when you can help someone else?

With the skills you'll acquire from this e-book, you'll be able to fix and upgrade any computer part completely on your own!

  • Do you want to swap out your hard drive for one twice the size? DONE

  • How about add some RAM to speed up your grandmothers sluggish computer? DONE

And for you entrepreneurs out there...

  • Would you like to earn some extra money building, repairing, and troubleshooting computers for other people desperate to get their problem fixed? DONE

After you build your first computer, you will wonder what you've waited all this time to do it yourself. You'll find you can create a machine better than those "cookie cutter" store models, and save some money too. Not to mention, how good you'll feel after solving someone else's PC problems!

But before you dive in just yet, first check out the...

"Free Bonus E-book Gets You Up To Speed"
($19.95 value - yours free)

"8 Things You Must Know Before Building A PC" is the perfect read before building a computer or reading my "Beginners' Computer Tutorial."

It introduces 8 essential tips most new and veteran computer builders don't ever consider. You'll learn how to build an efficient computer before ever purchasing a part.

In fact, I'll give this to you just for trying a free demo of the "Beginners' Computer Tutorial" (more on this below).

"Discount On ALL Future Products"

The "Beginners' Computer Tutorial" is literally just the beginning to an ever growing product line.

In the near future, you'll be among the first to hear about my latest e-books and DVD tutorials before anyone else.

An Advanced Computer Tutorial is already in the works, packed with tips for people that have just build their first PC, but don't know what to do next.

What Are You Waiting For?
Start Building As Early As TODAY

Currently, this downloadable e-book will only work with computers with at least Windows 95 or newer (MAC is currently not supported).

Other minor requirements include Adobe Acrobat, Quicktime, and Internet Explorer 5.0 or greater. All of these are freely available to download here.

  At the surprisingly low cost of only $27.95 $36.95, I'm sure you will agree that the "Beginners' Computer Tutorial" is an incredible value.

The free unlimited support and updates are worth the cost alone, if not many times over.

At a cost less than most computer parts, this e-book is an essential tool to building your first computer.

It will help you painlessly, smoothly, and quickly build your first computer, entirely on your own.

But don't just take my word for it:

"I'm very impressed with the e-book. I bought the book knowing I'm not ready to build yet but I wanted to know the ins & outs of the guts of the computer for future use ( I like doing things myself).

Your instructions are very clear & easy to follow & I would have no quams about tackling a rebuild. I have installed a DVD player, a 10 minute cinch. Keep those tips coming Robert."

Doris Bentley from Ontario, Canada

"The material was very good.

I like having it so I can go back to it. I like the questions and answers you have now that can be posted. It was worth the money to me.

I like the pictures and video. That helps so much!

Above all this is an excellent ebook to me. I would highly recommend it. Thank-You"

Judee White, US

"Great Information!! All that one would need to build!"

Joy Campbell, Canada

In fact, I guarantee that you will be able to save time and money building your own computer.

"90 Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee"

I'm so convinced that you'll love the "Beginners' Computer Tutorial" that I make this ironclad promise:

"If within 90 days, and for any reason, you feel the "Beginners' Computer Tutorial" is not right for you, I will offer you a full and courteous refund. No strings attached, no questions asked."

Also, to prove to you how satisfied you'll be with the e-book, checkout out the...

"Free 30 Day Demo Copy"

While I offer you a full money back guarantee, I understand that building your computer is no easy task.

That's why I'm allowing you to try a free demo copy of the e-book.

Inside, you'll have full access to a few pages from each section of the tutorial. This includes all photographs, text, and videos on these pages.

In addition, you'll receive one tip a day for 8 days covering my e-book "8 Things You Must Know Before Building A PC."

After you've received all 8 tips, you'll be allowed to download the bonus e-book containing all of the tips in one package.

Simply input your name and e-mail address, and you'll instantly be e-mailed access to the demo. In addition, the 8-day course will start immediately.

You have nothing to lose.


Your e-mail address is safe with me! I will never sell or give it away to anyone; I don't like SPAM either.

I'm confident that you'll fully appreciate my attention to detail in the e-book.

After that time, if you're not totally convinced it's right for you, then...

Don't buy it!

You wouldn't have lost anything and won't need to worry about making the wrong decision

"NEW Video & Audio Demonstration
Shows Off ALL The Bells & Whistles"

If you're short on time or better understand things through audio and video, here's a demonstration I put together just for you.

Clicking the screen to the left will launch video and audio I recorded of my computer screen, showing you the various aspects of my e-book and talking about its many features.

With this demonstration, it's as if I'm displaying the e-book right on your computer and talking with you about it in the comfort of your own home.

You don't want to miss it!

"I'm Ready To Build My Computer NOW"

Can you feel that? It's the anticipation of building your first computer running through your body. I know there's a lot included with this package, so lets recap what you'll get:
  • An e-book of over 100 pages with detailed steps in how to select computer parts and build a completed PC from start to finish. These steps are illustrated with:
    • Detailed instructions in layman's terms (no scientific mumbo-jumbo)
    • Over 100 High-quality full screen photographs
    • Crisp streaming videos that are constantly updated
    • Printable pages to help you while buildling

  • Access to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) by beginning computer builders like you, along with detailed answers from me. There is a unique, constantly updated, FAQ available for every step of the part selection and building process.

  • FREE unlimited support while building your computer via e-mail with me. I'm there for you every step of the way.

  • Lifetime product updates as new versions are released

  • Bonus e-book "8 Things You Must Know Before Building A PC" for free ($19.95 value)

With our 90 Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee and secure order form, there is no reason not to order today. You will instantly be able to download the "Beginners' Computer Tutorial" and start building immediately.

Click Here To Get Started And Order Securely Right Now!

"I am really enjoying learning from your e-book...and the material was definitely easy to understand, to the point and fun at the same time!

This e-book was definitely worth the money and I will continue to finish it up...this is something I have always wanted to do..."

Susan P Pettigrew, US

So, if you're interested in a step-by-step guide in plain English to help you select compatible computer parts and put them together correctly, with the aide of video clips, full screen photographs, and free support to help when you're confused, then look no further.

When you order the "Beginners' Computer Tutorial" you'll save time, money, and headaches building your first computer. Eliminate the hassles of building a computer and start a hobby you'll enjoy for a lifetime.

To Building Your First Computer,

Robert Blackstone
A Computer Builder (just what you'll become)

P.S. - Remember, I'm only offering the free support via e-mail to a limited number of purchasers. I only have so much time to respond to your questions and I want to give the best advice I possibly can. If you're interested at all, click here to order while I'm still offering this to new purchasers.

P.S.S. - Did you check out the free demo? Click here to get more details. You'll be able to test drive the e-book completely risk-free.

Here are even more testimonials from satisfied customers:

"I think you cover everything that needs to be covered.

Not only does it help you to build your own computer, but it is a great help to anybody considering upgrading his/her existing system. It can also be considered to be of great assistance to people who simply want to know more about their computer."

Eugene Schneider, South Africa

"I am very pleased that I took the plunge and YES your e-book did help. It was good to read up front before making that start.

There is no black magic or science to select, buy, install and go with that new machine.

I did it and so can anyone else"

Stephen Jenkins, UK

"This manual covers the main basics to build your own and is an excellent value for the money."

Ray Whent, UK

"It was worth the money, I really liked the videos

I am glad I bought the book, the tip on deleting old xp partitions was very important.

It is not a horror to build your first system if you take some pre cautions, ground youself, have a big enough table, good lighting, time, calm and light heart; you cannot work on a system if you are stressed out.

The Tutorial should be required reading for anyone who wants a computer that is not standard off the shelf or one configured in a way that is not "standard" such as, with certain components that mainstream manufactures may not use, like only using certain high end components, or a machine that is purely SCSI."

Pat Pittman, US

"You gave me the courage to try."

Steve Blackwell, US

"I can't wait till things calm down and I'm able to do it! I got started at one point and it's easy to follow. I'm excited to do it this summer with my kids."

Elizabeth Dillman, US

"Your e-book is excellent. I am certain that I can build a computer with your video displays. Very informative."

Dave, UK

"I like to understand what I'm doing and I thought the book was good for clearly describing things and hopefully will help me avoid the potential pit-falls.

Well laid out and comprehensive and easy-to-understand instructions."

Mel Selwood, UK

"Good material, very good to understand and I see where you are going.

It is very well put together with good things that are easy to understand."

Leonard Melling, UK

"It was well worth the money. The pictures allowed to me see where i was up to."

Allison Kirby, Australia

"I'd say it is worth the money to get you started. It is a very easy read and the images are very helpful.

All in all Robert, I recommend this E-book to anyone if only for the sheer enjoyment you get from building your own computer.

If like me you thought computer building was for the boys with the brains, think again. This E-Book will show you just how easy it is build a computer with the exact components you need thus saving you money and time when it comes to doing repairs and upgrades because you will know exactly what you have inside the case.

Then there is the sense of pride you get when you press the on switch and the Windows logo ( or whichever) appears on your monitor and things start to happen just as you'd hoped they would."

Raymond McQuillan, Ireland

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